Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Plauges 2

A few months ago I did a midrash on the plagues of Egypt and the meaning behind them along with the Gods that were associated with them. I have recently come across some more information regarding those plagues that I want to share with you. This comes from the book "The Weekley MidRash"

>R. Bechaye writes that God brought ten plagues upon the Egyptians, representing measure for measure the ten evil deeds which they perpetrated.

They forced Israel to draw water for their animals and so God turned their water to blood and the animals could not drink.

They forced them to awaken early, leave their beds and go to work, so God sent frogs into their beds and they would not let them sleep.

They kept the Jew from washing themselves and thus they became full of lice, so too did the Egyptians.

They forced the Jews to hunt for them, so they were plagued with hordes of wild animals

The Jews had to watch their animals, so the animals were smitten with a plague

They would not allow the Jews to warm water to wash themselves, so the Jews became dirty, as a result, so God sent boils upon the Egyptians

When the Egyptians saw a Jew they threw stones, so God threw hailstones upon them from heaven.

The Jews had to fertilize their fields and cover them with manure, so the locusts covered their fields.

They put many Jews in the darkness of prison and so God brought darkness upon them.

Finally, they wanted to destroy Israel, who are called God’s first-born, so God destroyed their eldest children

Thanks goes to Rod Aslesen and Kurt Wical for their help with this